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Plugin Name Version Description Author Action
302 Instead1.3Send a 302 (temporary) redirect instead of 301 (permanent) for sites where shortlinks may change
plugin file location: 302-instead-master/plugin.php
A.I.D. - Admin Issue Diagnostic1.0AID collects environmentals and formats a template to copy/paste into a YOURLS issue. Fantastic for newbies, great for experts!
TIP: Just fill in the blanks!
plugin file location: admin_issue_diagnostic-master/plugin.php
Pop VeKindDeactivate
Access Control Allow Origin1.0Prevents CORS issue with domain CNAMES and aliases for admin actions
plugin file location: yourls-access-control-allow-origin-master/plugin.php
Vincent GiraudDeactivate
Ad Redirect1.5Adds a 10 second countdown to the links with a ad on it
Disclaimer: Countdowns ruin the user experience. Be warned.
plugin file location: Redict-to-site-by-master3395/plugin.php
Admin reCaptcha1.2This plugin enable reCapcha on Admin login screen
plugin file location: Admin-reCaptcha-master/plugin.php
Abdul RaufActivate
Advanced Reserved URLs1.1Keyword Filter For YOURLS
This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
plugin file location: yourls-advanced-reserved-urls-master/plugin.php
Joshua EbyDeactivate
Allow Forward Slashes in Short URLs1.0Allow Forward Slashes in Short URLs
plugin file location: YOURLS-Forward-Slash-In-Urls-master/plugin.php
William BargentDeactivate
Allow Hyphens in Short URLs1.0Allow hyphens in short URLs (like <tt>http://sho.rt/hello-world</tt>)
plugin file location: hyphens-in-urls/plugin.php
Anti spam1.0.4Absolute anti-spam plugin. Checks URL against major black lists and removes all crap. Might OR MIGHT NOT work for you. Read the readme.
plugin file location: antispam-master/plugin.php
BlackListIP1.3Plugin which block blacklisted IPs
plugin file location: YourlsBlacklistIPs-master/plugin.php
Bulk Import and Shorten0.4A YOURLS plugin allowing importing of URLs in bulk to be shortened or (optionally) with a custom short URL.
Release date: 2020-07-31
plugin file location: yourls-bulk-import-and-shorten-master/plugin.php
Paul VaughanDeactivate
Bulk URL shortener1.0Shorten URLs in bulk (a single request with many URLs to shorten).
plugin file location: bulk_api_bulkshortener-master/plugin.php
Stelios MavromichalisDeactivate
Cache stat pages1.0.2Cache stat pages. Needs YOURLS 1.5.1+
plugin file location: cache-stats-pages-master/plugin.php
Case insensitive YOURLS1.0Makes YOURLS case insensitive
plugin file location: yourls-case-insensitive-master/plugin.php
Change Password1.0Update your password from YOURLS admin
plugin file location: yourls-change-password-master/plugin.php
Change Title0.1Change Title of all the pages
plugin file location: Change-Title-YOURLS-master/plugin.php
Check URL1.2This plugin checks the reachability of an entered URL before creating the short link for it. An error is then returned if the entered URL is unreachable.
plugin file location: yourls-check-url-master/plugin.php
Custom API action1.0Define custom API action 'delete'
plugin file location: API-action-master/plugin.php
Do TLS0.0.1Always use TLS for destination url if available
plugin file location: YOURLS-doTLS-master/plugin.php
Josh PanterDeactivate
Download Plugin1.0Download Plugin From Url
plugin file location: yourls-download-plugin/plugin.php
Every Click Counts1.0Plugin to count every click, that is, including multiple clicks for the same client.
plugin file location: every-click-counts-master/plugin.php Labs (@bstname)Deactivate
Fallback URL1.0This plugin allows you to define a fallback URL in case there isn't a match for your short URL, so you can specify something different than $YOURLS_HOME.
plugin file location: yourls-fallback-url-master/plugin.php
Diego PeinadorDeactivate
Fix Long URL2.0This plugin fixes links with %20 and other similar encodings in them
plugin file location: yourls-fix-long-url-master/plugin.php
Force Lowercase1.0Force lowercase so http://sho.rt/ABC == http://sho.rt/abc
plugin file location: force-lowercase-master/plugin.php
Google Safe Browsing1.1Check new links against Google's Safe Browsing service
plugin file location: google-safe-browsing-master/plugin.php
Mailto: quickshare1.0Add mailto: to the list of Quick Share destinations
plugin file location: yourls-mailto-master/plugin.php
Peter Ryan BerbecDeactivate
Mass Remove Links1.1Remove several (or all) links.
plugin file location: mass-remove-links-master/plugin.php
Mass Updater0.1Mass-update URL host names. You are advised to create an index on the `url` column in the `yourls_url` table.
plugin file location: yourls-api-mass-update-master/plugin.php
Martin MüllerDeactivate
Popular Clicks Extended0.3A YOURLS plugin showing the most popular clicks for given time periods.
Release date: 2018-05-10
plugin file location: yourls-popular-clicks-extended-master/plugin.php
Paul VaughanDeactivate
Popular Links3.0Shows an admin page with the most popular links.
plugin file location: Yourls-Popular-Links-master/plugin.php
Random Backgrounds1.0Pretty random background patterns
plugin file location: random-bg/plugin.php
Random ShortURLs1.2Assign random keywords to shorturls, like bitly (sho.rt/hJudjK)
plugin file location: random-shorturls/plugin.php
ReverseProxy2.0Fixes incoming IPs to use the client IP from reverse proxies
plugin file location: yourls_reverseproxy-master/plugin.php
Sample Admin Page1.0A example of a plugin administration page to save user defined option
plugin file location: sample-page/plugin.php
Sample Plugin0.1Sample plugin to illustrate how actions and filters work. Read its source. Refer to the <a href="">Plugin API documentation</a> for more details.
plugin file location: sample-plugin/plugin.php
Sleeky Backend2.4.1UI overhaul of the YOURLS backend
plugin file location: sleeky-backend/plugin.php
Flynn TesorieroActivate
Time Zones ⏰1.0Tell YOURLS what timezone you are in
plugin file location: timezones-master/plugin.php
YOURLS contributorsDeactivate
YOURLS Favicon1.0Displays a fancy YOURLS favicon in all flavors (Chrome, Safari, Android...)
plugin file location: yourls-favicon-master/plugin.php
YOURLS Toolbar1.1Add a toolbar to frame your short URLs. Fork this plugin if you want to make your own toolbar.
Disclaimer: Toolbars ruin the user experience. Be warned.
plugin file location: sample-toolbar/plugin.php
YOURLSs Password Protection1.3This plugin enables the feature of password protecting your short URLs!
plugin file location: yourls-password-protection-master/plugin.php
YourlsBlackListDomains0.03Plugin which disallows blacklisted domains and bans the submitters IP address. GPL v3
plugin file location: YourlsBlacklistDomains-master/plugin.php
detect-mobile-device1.0.4A simple plugin for converting query string by device type
plugin file location: yourls-mobile-detect-master/plugin.php
reCaptcha1.1Implement reCaptcha on public submission page
plugin file location: recaptcha-plugin-master/plugin.php
Simon BriggsDeactivate

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